Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Blue afghan

This weekend I got some new blue yarn from drenka and had to try it. I found a beautiful bolero on ravelry, but on the page with the pattern  there were a lot of similar patterns. I found the one that I liked and started to crochet. After few rounds of crocheting I noticed that I started a wrong pattern :)) Then I found the right one and finished it. I plan to use this afghan as a decoration on a sew bag or I will make more afghans like this and make something nice.
I hope that you will see my new bolero soon ;)


  1. a sladak je, baš tražim pattern tog tipa :)
    a bolero čekamo :)

  2. Jako je sladak, boja je divana:D

  3. Hvala vam! :) Tena, nadam se da si izabrala neki pattern, ima ih puno. A sta se tice boje, divna je, ali nisam mogla bas doloviti pravu boju :-/ Veliki pozdrav!