Saturday, July 14, 2012

Flowers (July 2012) and Robbery report ! ! !

As you can see in my last posts I started to write my blog title in the center of the images. 
At the end of the post I will explain you why. 

Now I want to show you my new crocheted flowers. They can be used as a brooch on a bag, summer hat, tunic, shirt..... or can be attached on a headband.
Now let me tell you what happened to me a month ago.

Imagine, I found MY picture on internet with someone's title on it. I saw this picture accidentally while I was watching google images of mobile pouches. 
All the time I'm reading in others posts that someone has stole someone's pictures and wrote that it is his craft.
Now the same thing happened to me.
I forgot that everything is possible.
Can you find the difference???

I wrote a message to the person that stole my image and after two days that profile was deactivated.

From now on I will write my blog title in the center of the picture!
I recommend you do the same! ;)

Have a great weekend!!!! :*