Friday, January 14, 2011

Golden mobile pouch

My close friend is getting married and going to live in Australia. In few days she is flying. I will miss her a lot but thank god we have internet so Australia is not so far.
Her going away party was last Saturday and we had great time. As a gift me and my friends prepared a small gift because her luggage is limited. We decided what to buy and my job was to buy the gifts. We bought her a filigree earrings because we knew that she likes that kind of stuff. I also picked her one of my handmade cards, and I made her this golden mobile pouch. She loves handmade stuffs.
The next morning, after the party, she sent me a message that she likes our gifts and she is already using them. In the afternoon I was in downtown for a walk and a little shopping and I accidentally met her :) She was going to meet some friends and she had the earrings in her bag. She showed them to me and they looked much better on her. I was very satisfied. She also showed to me the golden pouch and her cell phone in it :)
I wish her a safe trip!!!