Monday, January 31, 2011

My first decoupage canvas (TUTORIAL)

Now I understand the feeling of waiting modeling paste to get dry, I was very impatient… This is something new for me. It’s my first project on canvas and I have never worked with modeling paste until now, this is so cool.
Long time I was thinking what to do with these two canvases and last week I got an inspiration from some youtube videos and I started my new project.
Materials that I used:
- Canvas
- Napkins
- Decoupage lacquer and glue – gloss
- Paintbrush
- Modeling paste
- Acrylic colors
  First I applied the the napkins on the canvas.
 Then I spreaded the modeling paste on the corners (as a frame) and I waited to get dry.
After that I painted the frame with dark red acrylic color and then with ochre color.
Here is the result.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Tose!!!

Today I'm listening Tose Proeski songs.
We love you Tose!!!!!!!!!
This is one of his beautiful songs....

Friday, January 14, 2011

Golden mobile pouch

My close friend is getting married and going to live in Australia. In few days she is flying. I will miss her a lot but thank god we have internet so Australia is not so far.
Her going away party was last Saturday and we had great time. As a gift me and my friends prepared a small gift because her luggage is limited. We decided what to buy and my job was to buy the gifts. We bought her a filigree earrings because we knew that she likes that kind of stuff. I also picked her one of my handmade cards, and I made her this golden mobile pouch. She loves handmade stuffs.
The next morning, after the party, she sent me a message that she likes our gifts and she is already using them. In the afternoon I was in downtown for a walk and a little shopping and I accidentally met her :) She was going to meet some friends and she had the earrings in her bag. She showed them to me and they looked much better on her. I was very satisfied. She also showed to me the golden pouch and her cell phone in it :)
I wish her a safe trip!!!

Friday, January 7, 2011

My page on facebook

Today I have few things to share with you!

1.  I wish Merry Christmas to all orthodox Christians!!!

2.  Yesterday I created a page on facebook Gordelicious Creative Crafts. You can follow my work there too.

3.  I wish Happy Birthday to my dear friend drenka. I wish her a lot of amazing crafts to make. For this occasion I made this card three weeks ago and I was waiting for this day to show it to her.