Sunday, February 27, 2011

Crocheted laptop case for my brother

This is the longest project that I have worked on! Last year I started crocheting this laptop case and finally made it. The reason for that was the black color and crocheting using single crochet all the time. I prefer to crochet with other colors: pink, purple, blue…:)
My brother and my friends were asking me all the time about the lambda case, when I’m going to finish it. I was crocheting hard some days, but some days I was forgot about it. And now after one year I don’t have to think about it any more. I’m glad I finished it and I hope that in the future I will finish my projects faster. :))
The letter lambda is from the game Half Life. It was my brothers wish.
I crocheted the letter lambda and then sewed it on the black case.


  1. Mnog mi se dopada, super cool :D!

  2. i ja se nadevam dek apobrzo ke zavrsuvas..nesto ko da ne ti bese merak da go peltes...ajde maiceto so vunicata da napravis!!! ja li da te teram??? ke ti ja zemam ili kupam ako produzis vaka :D

  3. Hvala ti puno Lenka!!!:) A ti Drenka...trpenie spasenie, ke bide! :P