Thursday, September 1, 2011

One year blogging :)))

It's been a year since my first real post. Then I blogged about the silver bikini that I made. Now after a year I will show you another pink bikini... with the lower part. :) I know that the summer vacation is over and I'm late but I also know that one sunny day I will wear it :).
I made the top of the bikini in two days and it looks good on me. I guess I was fast because of the practice. 
For the lower part I needed more time. The pattern is very easy but I was sooo relaxed during the crocheting :). 
I was crocheting this bikini with thin yarn and a hook no.0,9. so I had to expand it.


  1. čestitam ti prvu godišnjicu:)).....
    kupaći izgleda lijepo,želim ti bar jedan vrući dan da ga prošetaš:)))....

  2. Čestitam ti prvi rođendan, pusa!:)
    Kupaći je prekrasan!

  3. Cestitam godisnina!A kupicite se super!

  4. Kosim ti je jako lijep i čestitam godišnjicu.

  5. Thank you so much! I love your bikini! :)